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How to Cook Good Quality Meals on a Budget this Easter

british-turkey-logoEaster is a great time to get together with the family. But is it really possible to cook good quality food easily, and on a budget? Hosting a meal for the family can be time consuming. Many people have been re-thinking the types of food they buy and to help them, celeb chef Phil Vickery has joined with British Turkey to provide advice on how to choose, cook and enjoy a wider array of quality British meat and produce such as turkey without breaking the bank.

So to promote the launch of the Gruyere Stuffed Turkey Burger web film on we are also raising awareness that turkey cuts are available in supermarkets all year round– breast fillets, steaks, mince, diced thigh. Turkey really is so versatile – can be used in any of your favourite family dish e.g. mince for spag bol, curries, lasagnes etc You can make decent meals from scratch on a budget without buying ready meals. In the film for is a great dish to make with the kids during the Easter holidays.

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