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Britain stuck in a food rut crisis

We might like to think of ourselves as a nation of foodies but the reality is most of us don’t think beyond pasta, sausage & mash, and meat and three veg.

With wall-to-wall TV cookery shows and arguably the greatest variety of restaurants anywhere on the planet, we like to think the UK is a culinary star, striding the world cuisine stage. But it’s a different story in the kitchens and dining rooms of the UK where it appears we are still stuck in a time warp, with a poll showing millions of us are in a food rut we can’t get out of.

We may be game for anything when we head out for dinner, but the research found that at home it’s a different story with more than half saying their signature dish is pasta, with a third saying their best effort is meat and veggies.
Despite the fact two thirds of us would like to change the way we cook, only a third are willing to actually put their money where their mouths are by trying something different.

A staggering nine out of ten people say they have certain meals they feel comfortable cooking so they always cook them, while two thirds say they cook the same meals at least once a week.
Almost half say they would like to try new dishes but are worried they would not do a very good job of it and two thirds say they have recipe books they rarely look at.

To help Brits get out of their cooking rut, celebrity chef Phil Vickery is on a mission to show how easy and rewarding cooking something different can be.
He’s joined with British Turkey who are keen to show people that it is not against the law for people to eat turkey outside of Christmas.

The survey shows that only 30% of us cook turkey throughout the year, which has inspired Phil to come up with a turkey summer menu for those of us needing a bit of inspiration in the kitchen.

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turkey with apple and cider

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