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Some months ago I was approached by Cpl Daren Gudgeon (see email below) He is serving soldier in Afghanistan. It turns out he is a chef in the army cooking for many soldiers everyday, all day with fellow chef and buddy Dan.

"Dear Phil Vickery,

I am a Army chef, currently out in a patrol base in Afghanistan I am on a 6 month tour myself and another chef Dan are the only two out here cooking in the patrol base for a lot of troops. please please would you donate some chefs knives to us, we have put a call out on bfbs radio but so far no-one seems to want to help.

yours hopefully
Cpl Darren Gudgeon"

As you can see appeals had gone out and chefs had been approached, but nobody got in contact. So I decided to do something about it. Having spent many years cooking I know exactly how frustrating its can be with without your own knives,. I duly packaged up a selection of new knives and went to the post office only to be told the maximum weight was 2kg. Undeterred I went home, cut down the packing and removed some knives, in the end all went off fine.

Few days later received a set of photos, have a look. The lads were over the moon, and really happy. I’m thrilled it's all worked out so well.

Cpl Daren GudgeonCpl Daren GudgeonCpl Daren Gudgeon

So you chefs, yes you know who you are, I hope I have shamed you, get onto these guys, and send some more gear for them, and you think you have a hard job!!!!

...Thanks also to Kirsty Gudgeon for sorting out bits and bobs and being the ‘in between’ contact.


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