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A Continental Cuisine Series

Falklands Journal

Part 3

Next day, after another monster breakfast we were to film with Matt in his kitchen extolling the virtues of Falklands Island lamb. After a brief chat we were into it. Matt producing one of his famous dishes, roast rack, herb crusted with a braised meat underneath and roesti potato underneath. All went fine, I then prepared a lamb hot pot (my mum’s recipe) for a dinner I was going to at Sheila’s, the lady I had met at Brize. Before lunch, Matt produced a Penguin egg for me to taste.

The locals are allowed to take them in season and its very strictly licensed and controlled. Its about double the size of a hen’s egg and with white shell. We heated a pan and added some oil, and after taking a bit of time cracked into the hot oil.
Its was quite weird, the white does not change colour, just cooks like bubble wrap in a pan. The yolk however is like a normal egg only slightly larger. Taste wise; the white is like jelly, quite different. The yolk has a faintly fishy flavour similar to an anchovy. Matt hated it, I quite liked it if I’m being honest, but not the sort of thing I can see taking off in the UK.
Filming done, time for lunch, could not resist the squid again with a little chilli, salt and lemon, delicious.

That done we headed off to cook a bar b for the locals on the quay. I was going to cook some of John Ferguson’s Falkland Islands lamb burgers and chops, plus Tooth fish, wrapped in air dried ham and baby Falklands squid.
I have to say Gary was brilliant, finding 2 barbies, plus gas bottles. Matt did all the prep, and part cooked some fish so they did not have to wait too long after my quick dem to camera. The FIDF or Falklands Islands Defence Force also lent a hand. As with a lot of filming its over very quickly, but I think it went down well, and even made it onto Falklands Islands telly and radio.

That evening it was off to some of Gray’s friends Sheila and Ian, for dinner, with a few of her friends and what a spread it was. I arrived with my hot pot that Matt had finished off for me. Sheila runs a fish company so we feasted on Moonfish kebabs, Tooth fish bake, whole baked trout, weighing 12lb and stuffed baby squid. This came with roasted veggies, stir fry and mashed spuds, it was truly delicious.
Desserts where equally good Pavlova and Date pudding with local cream. Off to bed stuffed like a squid, but I did sleep really well.

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