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The Cook & The Butcher Great BBQ Road Trip

Day 4

Our road trip took us back to Asheville for the night, half way to our next stop Nashville. This time lunch was at the well-known and respected 12 Bones Bar B Q in the downtown art district by the river. We had left early from Fearrington and got to Asheville by 12 noon. The day was bright and sunny and really hot for September. Even at this time the car park was packed and the queue was out of the door. This is a serious joint, making everything from scratch. The place is only open from 11-4 daily and closed at the weekends. This was Simon’s favourite place of the whole 2,500-mile journey. We both had ribs, mine finished with brown sugar Simon’s with their famous blueberry chipotle glaze. The ribs come with cornbread and 2 sides. I have collard greens and smoked potato salad, can’t remember what Si had, think it was baked beans. Brisket also features well at this restaurant along with smoked turkey. You can even buy all the red meats, chicken or turkey by the pound!

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It was interesting to see the slight difference in style of bar b q from just 5 hours down the road. The very simple plain style of eastern NC, of no frills like rib or pulled pork glazes and basic ‘slaw’ Then once in Asheville you tend to have more glazed ribs and certainly brisket of central NC. One chap we spoke to even said that once you get over the Appellations into Tennessee its changes again. Fierce arguments are waged over what is and isn’t seen as a correct way to cook bar b q. Well whatever your preferred choice you get a bloody good feed here, just make sure you get here early.

12 Bones Smokehouse, 5 Riverside Drive, Asheville NC 28801  Tel: US-828.253.4499  Web:


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