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A Continental Cuisine Series

G'day Australia

Day 6 - Back to Sydney

IMG 7402The sun is just rising as I sit writing and responding to emails, its 5am and I am packed ready to go back to Sydney. I’m the first to get to breakfast and order the best coffee yet, its delicious, as I order a second Laura arrives and we chat, then Will joins us to plan the day ahead. After breakfast we do a couple of walking shots, it’s very hot again. We say our goodbyes and thanks to Warwick, Rosalyn, Grant and Gunter and head to the boat to take us back to Hamilton Island. I feel quite sad to be leaving. The boat back is really hot so we sit inside sipping sparkling water. We check in all the gear and pretty much board straight away, flight is 2 ½ hours so we all have a kip.

Back in Sydney we meet our driver Michael and pack the bus and head back to the Adina apartments to unload the gear. We have to be quick as we have a meeting at the famous Sydney Bridge at 5.15pm.

At the bridge we meet up with Nicole & Baxter our climb leaders, yep we are going to climb the famous bridge. It takes a good hour to get suited up and our full safety briefing.

All strapped in and everything secure we head off, first along the bottom of the bridge then up to the road and rail level.

Built in 1921, all the steel came from Middlesbrough and was shipped over, some 52,000 tons in all. 6 million rivets used and every one was checked. The wharf built to unload all the steel is still there, but it’s an amusement park now.

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge

We climb up doing more and more pieces to camera, finally reaching the top. It’s a beautiful and stunning view, really worth the wait and climb. The sun is low in the sky, its 30C and the breeze is very welcome.

The Opera house in the background, and the view of the biggest harbour in the world is truly amazing. We film a couple of bits to camera and make our way back down, the whole trip takes 3 hours. We get unsuited and say our goodbyes and head off to meet Michael who is waiting for us.

After a quick shower we head off out to dinner at Neil Perry’s Bar & Grill for dinner. He opened his first restaurant in Sydney in 1988 and has been at the top of the food scene ever since. The restaurant is very cool and set in an old bank, with an open style kitchen, a bit like Scott’s in London but on steroids…

We start with 12 oysters, 6 I can’t remember where from but the other 6 are from Sydney Bay, small creamy and sweet, really great. Next, 36 month dry aged rib eye, creamed corn with chipotle, and potatoes roasted in Wagyu fat with rosemary and garlic. These were delicious. Other sides included mushrooms, broccoli and cabbage. For dessert have the Passion Fruit Pavlova, huge, light with very small amount of cream. Probably 250cm high with light fluffy meringue, never seen it like that before, but remember eating one with similar texture in New Zealand many years ago.

It has been another long day so we head back and drop into bed exhausted.

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