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Seriously Good! Gluten Free

icon 250 directoryJust a small selection of articles from the Press coverage for our Seriously Good Gluten Free products.

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Food & Drink Innovation Network

From: Food & Drink Innovation Network, July 28th 2014

both chocolate cookie mixThe Phil Vickery Seriously Good range of gluten and dairy- free mixes are designed to make it easy to create free-from bakes that are as tasty as traditional recipes, so you can make sweet treats for everyone to enjoy together.

Phil’s new-look range includes Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Natural Vanilla Cupcake Mix, Very Lemony Cupcake Mix and Very Chocolaty Cupcake Mix, all with natural flavourings and no preservatives or artificial colours.

They’re also suitable for freezing which is great news for planning ahead. If you want to decorate a cake safe in the knowledge that everything is suitable for gluten- and dairy-free diets, try the new range of Gluten- and Dairy-Free Fondant Icing Mixes available in chocolate, raspberry, lemon and strawberry.

Simply mix with water as per the packet instructions to make a topping.

Xanthan gum, an essential ingredient for homemade gluten-free cakes and bakes, is now also available as part of the Phil Vickery Seriously Good! Gluten-Free range.

Phil said: “I realise that it can be quite difficult to obtain some ingredients so I have done that for you. This coupled with the help and expertise of the leader in cake decorating and ingredients, Squires Kitchen, means we have created really fantastic products which we hope you’ll love."

"Will you make soft and chewy cookies, zesty lemon cupcakes or rich chocolate treats? The results are so good, we’re challenging cake lovers to test them on their friends and family to see if they can tell the difference between these and regular cake recipes.With the summer holidays coming up, set up a fun ‘bake date’ with your children to make tasty treats – choose from the Vanilla & Raspberry Cupcake Kit, the Very Lemony Cupcake Kit or the Double Chocolate Fancy Cake Kit that all come complete with cupcake cases and fondant icing.”

Fine Food Catalogue

Speciality foods logo

from: Fine Food Catalogue, Autumn 2014  – full page advert 

Fine Food Catalogue

European SuperMarket Magazine

ESM logo

from:, 21 December 2014

logoGluten-Free Baking Ranges Proving Popular With Supermarket Shoppers

Popular TV cookery shows have revived consumer interest in home baking with ingredients for breads, biscuits, cookies, cakes, pastries and pies now highly sought after items by shoppers when browsing the supermarket shelves or online grocery sites.

Convenience, along with health and wellness - to include special diets, are the driving factors for the global baking ingredients category going into 2015 - the market is projected to reach a value of €10,765 million by 2019 (ReportsNReports) with Europe having dominated the market in recent times.

Key players in the global baking ingredients market include Associated British Foods, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Cargill, Corbion, Kerry Group, Novozymes, Puratos Group, Royal DSM and Stern-Wywiol Gruppe - all investing heavily in new products and technologies to maintain a competitive edge over rival brands.

With 'free from' food ranges now highly sought after by those on special diets, grocery retailers are tapping into this trend with innovative 'free from' products to cater for consumers' dietary needs this Christmas.

Dr Eva Detko recently released the 'Christmas Cook Book for Those Living With Food Allergies and Intolerances'. ESM asked her what does she believe has driven the European consumer demand for home baking in recent times? She says that for a lot of people - including herself - baking is associated with the feelings of nostalgia, as well as being a great activity for kids.

"I believe that the increasing variety of easy-to-use cake and flour mixes, as well as cake decorations, must be partially contributing to the growing number of people opting for home baking," she told ESM.

Using such products, people are now able to produce baked goods that look and taste good "fairly easily". Additionally,  she says, programmes such as 'Great British Bake-off' inspire people to have a go, along with an overwhelming amount of free resources online such as recipe blogs and videos.

The ever-increasing range of gluten-free pastry mixes and frozen pastry coming onto the market continues to impress her. Even though pastry is easy enough to make, some people still prefer to fall back on something that is ready-made, so it is good to see that this option is available, she explained. "The next step is to make it dairy-free as well as gluten-free, as approximately half the coeliac population reacts to dairy as well."

As food allergies and intolerances, as well as auto-immune diseases such as coeliac, are on the increase, the demand for gluten-free products will continue to grow and we will be seeing the "free-from" sections in supermarkets expanding more and more, concluded Dr Detko.

Award-winning celebrity chef Phil Vickery is an ambassador for Coeliac UK, the leading charity working for people with coeliac disease. He said: "For many years now we have been very interested in the gluten- and wheat-free market, primarily because it was an area that most chefs avoided."

He continued: "I teamed up with Bea Harling and Squires Kitchen to see if we could research, experiment with and cook seriously good gluten-free food." With the worldwide interest, his gluten-free cookery books now sell in 12 countries and has been translated into many languages. "We are keen to continue to develop delicious gluten-free recipes and have many exciting ideas in 2015." The Phil Vickery Seriously Good Gluten-Free mixing products include items such as Vanilla & Raspberry Cupcake Mix and Double Chocolate Fancy Cake Mix.

Beverley Dutton is founder and MD of publisher Squires Kitchen, whose baking magazines Cakes & Sugarcraft, Wedding Cakesand Bake School are now available for purchase from the UK supermarket chains Sainsbury's and Tesco. Dutton said the step-by-step recipes in the current issue of Bake School will help home bakers to develop their "culinary skills using tips and techniques" from expert tutors.

"The recipes identify the latest trends in baking and food styling to make sure those following them are always one step ahead. They're also tried-and-tested by professional chefs."

Squires Kitchen's 2015 Sugarcraft Exhibition will take place at the Farnham Maltings in England on March 13-15, 2015.

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Cakes Bakes and Cookies review

from 08 AUG 2014cakes bakes cookies logo

Gluten free cookies from a box!

cakes bakes cookies9The first house that Tim and I ever lived in together was with some friends on a farm. There were four guys and me and each weekend all the girl friends would descend. I was at uni at the time and one weekend one of the girlfriends suggested that we make the men folk a cake. She proceeded to take out a box from the cupboard saying “I think we just need an egg and some butter?” I had never seen a cake in a box before!  Growing up in a traditional Jewish household we always baked and cooked from scratch. What on earth was a cake doing in a box?

I think I may have offended the girlfriend in question when I suggested we actually bake a cake (without the box) as it would taste better and really didn’t take much more effort. It did taste better! And I don’t think I’ve ever baked from a box before today!

cakes bakes cookies1A while ago I went to the Squires Cake show and was given a few products to try out. In the bag was aPhil Vickery gluten free Chocolate chunk cookie mix. In a BOX! Not only is it gluten free but it’s dairy free too. I popped it in the cupboard for when I had a school cake sale to bake for. I always like to ensure the coeliacs don’t miss out. But yesterday we had Evie round to play and as she is a gluten free kid I decided to bake them right away.

Just add an egg

All you have to do is whisk up a little oil and one egg then add the dry mix from the box. Knead it with your hands to combine, roll it into a sausage and then cut slices to bake.

cakes bakes cookies3

Once sliced I made them rounder and baked them. Luckily I left quite a bit of space around each one as they spread out quite considerably. I sliced enough to ensure each kid had two after dinner. They were really good. Just the right amount of delicate crunch on the outside and soft gooeyness on the inside. Not the normal graininess you get with gluten free baking

The verdict from the four girls around my dinner table last night? Double thumbs up!