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Gluten Free

Finding Gluten Free

Phil VickeryBea Harling

"For many years now we have been very interested in the gluten-free and wheat-free market, primarily because it was a challenge to make great recipes everyone can enjoy. I teamed up with Bea Harling and Squires Kitchen to see if we could research, experiment with and cook seriously good gluten-free food. There has been worldwide interest and now my gluten-free cookery books sell in 12 countries and in many languages. We are keen to continue to develop delicious gluten-free recipes and have many exciting ideas for the coming months."

 - Phil Vickery


Since March 2010 Coeliac UK, the national charity for people with coeliac disease, have been kind enough to allow me to be their Food Ambassador.

I am very honoured to accept the role as Coeliac UK’s Food Ambassador and to continue supporting the work of the Charity. I’m also passionate about improving knowledge in the food industry and the necessity for more gluten-free cooking as more and more people are diagnosed.

To this end, over the last few years Bea Harling and I have been working very hard to raise the awareness of Coeliac disease and as a result we have created some great products that bring a rich variety of tastes but without the gluten.

Our products are for both home use and the catering industry, so keep a close eye on this page for more announcements, but for now we are very pleased to announce the first of our range of Seriously Good Gluten-Free™ Baking mixes.

This is sacred ground and the rules here are very strict on what you can and can’t do (and so they should be) we meet up with our guide Carlos, who is going to show us around
We start by filming in the cenotes, natural pools that flow under the limestone. In ancient times they were used for water supply and religious ceremonies.
Most cenotes are filled with clean water that’s filtered through the rock, so the water is pure and clean.
These days they are used for swimming and snorkelling and admire the wildlife that thrives here in and out of the water.
Plus you can do a bit of zip wiring if you’re in the mood…